Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Each week you will need to place your order by Friday at 2pm. After placing your order you will reserve a delivery window and location of your choice for either Monday or Tuesday. (For example, if you place your order on Friday the 10th, we will deliver your meals to you on either Monday the 13th or Tuesday the 14th.) We will deliver your meals and then you simply heat them and enjoy!

How do I heat my meals?

Our meals can be reheated in the microwave or on the stove top. For microwave use, pop a corner to release steam and check the meal after the initial 90 seconds. We would recommend continuing in 30 second intervals and stirring occasionally.

For stovetop heating, DO NOT PLACE THE PLASTIC CONTAINER ON THE STOVETOP. Remove the meal and place in a stovetop-safe pan or dish. Warm on Medium heat until desired temperature has been reached. 

What if I have a food allergy?

We take food allergies very seriously. We offer very few items with nuts or seeds and will list eggs in the description of meals. When we are preparing meals we have systems in place to ensure that cross-contamination does not occur. 


Where can I find the nutritional information for my meals?

You will find the macros and calorie count for each meal on the label upon delivery, as well as in the description of each item on this website. 

Can I return the plastic containers?

Yes! Reusing plastic is important to us. We will provide a plastic bag in the bottom of each delivery. Please rinse and return in the provided bag upon your next delivery. We will clean and sanitize the containers and continue to use them. Returning them isn't required.

If you have any questions, comments, or need information, please email:


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